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Tonight disconnects

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Tonight disconnects

I have been a PLusNet guy for over 2 year, through the DSL Max debacle and through a long WoW campaign for 2 years and before that a CoD campaign (OK so we lost a lot), prior to that a short UT 2003 massacre as well..

In short I have been here through thick and thin and I am interested in PN's new game voice.

At the moment things just went tits, I am in the QW:ET beta and quite frankly cant stay connected to my DSL service for more than 5 mins, its a sham and only came about tonight, what gives?

EDIT (more info/spelling): Whenever I start to play the game I am getting lag issues and then all of a sudden my DSL routers connectivity lights go off. I will have a further go tonight and see if there something I can tweak. The setup has been working for over a year as is and this has never happened before.
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Tonight disconnects

You don't give enough information to make any real comment or know what you have tried to resolve the situation.

What are your line stats? Are these the same or worse than previously? Is your SNR dropping when the line disconnects?

Have you tried the master socket & test socket?

Have you tried a different ADSL filter?

Have you tried leaving the connection disconnected for 30 mins or ideally an hour?

etc etc