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Steam to charge for cs 1.6


Steam to charge for cs 1.6

steam are going to charge users beginning of next year to use the steam service which is totaly unfair for most of us who have bought our copies of half-life and even retail version of CS, due to WON going down shortly there will be no other way to play counter strike unless you pay valve for a won server to play 1.5, so looks like this is end of cs as we knew it, CPL dropped quake 3 from its games when ID tried to charge for its lan service, so i guess same will happen to CS, and steam are charging users, most of cs community are under 18 bearly being able to afford broadband let alone paying probably mountly or yearly fees for steam! pffff

what a shame

pld valve nice job really smashed the nail in the coffin for cs!

please reconsider! Sad

Steam to charge for cs 1.6

I think u have got the wrong end of the stick

Steam will never charge u to play cs or any of the already existing HL mods.

Wat u r refering to is the the subscription service steam will offer soon. This is only for buying new content/games. The idea behind it is this........

You have 3 options - you can buy games (such as HL2 when it final comes out) in the shops as usually.

Or u can buy it online and download from steam

Or....u can pay 10.99 per month - and get all the games/mods etc downloaed for free.

so u have to weigh up whether u would pay more by buying the games individually or paying a subscription

BUT...u dont need the subscription to play CS at all