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Star Wars Galaxies


Star Wars Galaxies

Anyone tired an American copy of Star Wars Galaxies (not that you can get a non-American copy)?
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Star Wars Galaxies

A friends of mine has/is playing it at the moment (using his 1 month trial). He doesn't think that he will actually pay to play though.

I borrowed his account for a few days and found the game fairly slow in both gameplay and 'animation'.

I suppose it depends on what type of character you start of with, but with my character it seemed a long hard slog to get them to progress.

Star Wars Galaxies

Ok so I can now fill in my own reply.

I bought a copy of the game (from and had no problems creating an account.

I have the game and the little I have played of it seems quite good. It is pretty buggy though. No apparent showstoppers but it does start to get irritating.

A good example is my character can go serveying for chemicals. When you do a servey you get a waypoint generated at the hightest concentration. This works for a while but then just stops, the waypoint failing to update. To cap this problem my datapad would not let me add a manual waypoint,

I don't think of myself as an experienced MMORPG player but I have been doing Dark Age of Camelot for 6 months. That too had bugs in it, thought not as bad as SWG.

SWG is good in characters don't have to go arround killing things. You can opt to have a character that makes things, heals people and survive without having to kill things.

The graphics are good on my PC (Athlon 2.6G 512MB, FX5600 128MB), better then DAoC. You do feel like you are walking round a Star Wars set.

I am running a ADSL 500K connection and don't really notice a lot of problems in terms of lag, unless you are fighting but even then the fighting is done by selecting a target and telling your character to attack it so it is not a big problem.

The european servers are supposed to be up at the end of October if you don't want to connect to the American servers.

I am going to keep my current account running for the moment. I am on Eclips the unofficial European server as Akioh Blui.

Star Wars Galaxies

Galaxies was OK. It did feel like you were walking in a Star Wars universe. But somewhere it does not work. It seems to be too easy to wander around on your own. There seems to be little insentive to group. The few times I grouped I could not see the advantage.

The thing I liked was the player economy. Everything you buy has to be made by other players - guns, cloths, food, etc...

The upshot is when the current subs run out I am quiting. Going to go back to DAoC (Dark Age of Camelot). They are introducing houses, and there may even be ways of using these to sell things you make.

Grouping is good fun and obviously helps you level. So there is almost no way of making crafting pay but you win some you loose some. I will be waiting for Everquest 2 to see it they implement a player economy.

Star Wars Galaxies

i used to play till i got a 400+ ping on all severs its now unplayable