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Star Trek - Birth of the Federation


Star Trek - Birth of the Federation

I've never posted in this forum before, and I think this is only my second post in the discussion forums anyway, so if this is in in the wrong place, i'm sorry. Shockedops:

The post is about the creation of a fan-created game and modding, so I hope this doesn't break any forum rules or anything...


Anyways, if anyone is reading this post, it's probably because you recognise the title - Birth of the Federation. If you do, then you can skip the next paragraph. Wink

If you don't, Birth of the Federation was a 1999 Star Trek game created by Microprose, which was in a similar vein to the Master Of Orion games. It was rushed into production because Microprose were heading into financial difficulty - difficulties that they never came out of. It was thus the last game ever produced by the ill-fated company.

BOTF however, has increased in popularity in the last 7 years, and there is now a large modding community that still plays the game. It can be found here:

The Birth of the Federation modding community

Now, the whole point of creating this thread is that for the last year or so, the fans of the game have been busy creating a totally new game - Birth Of The Federation 2.

Since BOTF was so buggy and difficult to mod, and there is absolutely no chance of the big companies creating a follow -up game, the fans have taken matters into their own hands.

The project has now been running for over a year, the models are close to completion, some of the interfaces have been completed, the music is done, and the code is now in it's beta stage. The community forums now have over 1500 members, and they are growing by the day.

So if anyone is interested in seeing these forums, here's the link:

The BOTF2 forums

BOTF2 aims to solve all the problems that were associated with the original game, such as the devastating memory leak, the games' unmodability, and the lack of control during tactical combat.

Anyways, if you visit the links, you'll find all the information you'll need.

I sign into those sites as Matress_of_evil, so I hope to see people there! Cheesy