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Solved (ish): Server.cfg problems on Dedicated server.


Solved (ish): Server.cfg problems on Dedicated server.

I have HL2CheesyM running on a dedicated box (alongside other games) but seem to be having problems with the server.cfg Cry

The server uses the standard 'steam' interface and is launched (via RAdmin) using a shortcut which executes the srcds.exe within the hl2mp folder.

I have placed a server.cfg file within the [cfg] directory, alongside banned_ip.cfg and banned_user.cfg.

However, certain lines do not seem to execute - for instance the server interface does not show the contents of the banned_user.cfg as having been loaded under the [Bans] tab, even though I have " exec banned_user.cfg " within the server.cfg, It will not even [import] this list manually although the console shows "writing banned_user.cfg" for a great number of lines when the server starts..

" mp_flashlight 1" does not enable by default even though the line is there!

Voice is still active even with " sv_voiceenable 0 " in the text!

Can anyone advise me where I am going wrong?

I have included the text of the server.cfg below for analysis (password removed for security)

maxplayers 10
exec banned_user.cfg
sv_maxrate 16000
sv_minrate 4000
sv_allowdownload 1
sv_gravity 450
hostname "TUG 100MBit Half-Life2CheesyeathMatch Server
sv_maxspeed 500
mp_timelimit 30
mp_fraglimit 40
mp_footsteps 1
mp_flashlight 1
sv_voiceenable 0
decalfrequency 30
rcon_password xxxxxx
say "config loaded"

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Solved (ish): Server.cfg problems on Dedicated server.

That config file is fairly similar to mine. Although I believe you need to set the value for "maxplayers" in the Valve.rc file in the config directory. Otherwise the server will override with the default for HL2DM games.. 12/14 I forget which.
Apart from that you are missing a close quote on the end of your servers hostname.

Otherwise... no idea why its not running as expected.
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Solved (ish): Server.cfg problems on Dedicated server.

Try turning on logging .. add:
log 1

somewhere in your config file to see if you can see any errors when the server starts are tries to change all the cvars as you have requested.

Other than that I can only think that the missing " means the lines after that are not being executed correctly?

I would also add:
sv_cheats 0

I am not sure whether it is relevant in CS:S but it is in every other game I have set up.



Thanks for the tip(s). The missing " was just an error in my transposing my .cfg file to this forum topic, the original statement is fully enclosed.

I shall add the logging command to the file for analysis. I'll keep on it..

Edit: Checked the logging and have added certain Cvars to the server.cfg

The Ban-List does not automatically load but it's not so much of a problem as I can do this via RAdmin if ever I have to restart the server.

With any luck - once a 'decent' full set of SDK tools get released for this game someone might create a decent server control program as can be found for the likes of UT2K4..