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Socom 3. Headset not working.


Socom 3. Headset not working.

Hi.I have Socom3.This game comes with a Headset.The reason i bought this game is to play online with it.Well the Headset
will onlt work intermitently.Now ive looked into this
and i need ports 6000 to 7000 open but im told bye Plusnet
that these ports are for peer to peer so they cant open them.
Does any one else have any coms trouble and if so do they no a fix.Ive checked every thing my end and its all good.

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Socom 3. Headset not working.

Send a ticket in to customer services, stating what ports and ip addresses are being used. The ticket will then be picked up by networks who will sort this for you.

Hope this helps...

Carl Lockley
Plusnet Customer Services