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Severe Lag OR no Xbox Live connection?


Severe Lag OR no Xbox Live connection?

Hi All,

I've been playing HALO 2 on xbox live which I've done without too much lag for the past 18 months untill the last couple of weeks or so.
My problem is now that either I cannot connect to xbox live at all or when I am connected the lag is so bad that it is just impossible to play (you may have to see it to believe it).

I have a 1meg connection and my speed tests from the PlusNet website come out as slightly quicker than ADSL 1000 so looks fine to me. I did a tracert to to see what might be happening at the time and at first got request timed out for most of the Plusnet routes before it reached its destination but afterwards got less than 20ms responses from all routes so would it be normal for the first tracert to do this or not? (I can provide details if neccessary)

Can anyone please help shed some light on what the problem is or confirm it is a plusnet problem or even suggest more ways of troubleshooting?

P.S. I'm wondering if my line is being checked for upgrade possibilities, does anyone think that if it is this could be the cause?

Many many thanks in advance for anybody's help!

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Severe Lag OR no Xbox Live connection?

Dont rely on tracert but when its laggy type netstat in a dos window, note the IP of the connection and use a ping util on that IP.

It could just be the routing to the server hosting you is slow or PN has badly setup its traffic management for the game at that time of day/night. I had that in some games and had to provide port and type[TCP/UDP]info for them to fix that for each game in use.
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Severe Lag OR no Xbox Live connection?

Thanks adp450,

When i type netstat after a while it comes up with no ip addresses, are you sure this will tell me what my xbox is accessing when it is directly connected to my router or is it just giving me the details of the local PC?

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Severe Lag OR no Xbox Live connection?

scrap that, I've just discovered the options available but cant imediately tell what detail I need.