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Setting up Router for PS2 Network Trials


Setting up Router for PS2 Network Trials

I'm trying to get my PS2 online using the network adaptor but I've having no end of problems. My setup is PS2 (Test and Consumer versions) with the Network Adaptor. My connection to the network is via the standard Solwise SAR110 Router.

I've tried all sorts of combinations to connect to the PS2 game servers but to no avail.

Has anybody else using Plus Net managed to get it to work. I spoke to the Sony Support and they've given me a list of things to check

1) Can the router use DCHP? Is it turned on or off? How do I switch it on?

2) I need to sort out the NAT port forwarding opening the UDP and TCP ports.

3) Does the router use DNS?

Any help anyone can give me would be great; I really want to start playing Hardware online soon.



Setting up Router for PS2 Network Trials

Yea, I use plusnet to connect. I am a beta tester.

The difference is that I use a pci modem to connect, via ICS.

There are certain ports that you have to open, I dont know how you would do this on your router, but if you are a Beta tester, you will have access to the special sony forum!. You should find the answer there.

hope this helps you, see ya online..

socom tag: FGZI_stevie

Cheers for the reply

I did call the helpline and found out which ports I have to open but they can't help my further since they can't work through my router with me. To be honest, I think the router I got with my package is useless as it just seems to stop working whenever it wants. To be honest, the phoneline support has been rather uninspiring too.

Hopefully I'll get this sorted and see you online in Hardware - great game, really going to be a lot of fun - I'm Morgue The Merrier Smiley

Do you have the link to the forum you could email please? I've got it at work but not at home.