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Running games off the hard drive?


Running games off the hard drive?

How do u run games off the hard drive so u dont require the cd any more. Cause i want 2 store one game on my other pc so we can have a network games.


Running games off the hard drive?

In simple terms, you can't as it is illegal. They use No-CD cracks to do this, and any unauthorised modification of the game binary is illegaly.

Installing the game on a second system is also illegal. Though in a single household, they won't be assed and the courts would laught if they tried to do anything.

However, I do understand your plight, and I doubt your will find gamers that havn't used these No-CD cracks. I use them for game launch speed.

Look for No-CD cracks for your games around the net, but be careful. These are excutable files, so are a haven for viruses.

Running games off the hard drive?

i see. It was just some i used 2 no used 2 have game like that . Just thought u could do it . Ok thanks

Running games off the hard drive?

See if you can find a copy of the magazine "Personal Computer World", you need the May 2004 issue and make sure its the DVD version.
It has a legal programme in the free DVD which may help you.
Have a read before buying because i think it only works on a PC

Running games off the hard drive?

If you mean software like Alcohol 120%, these are legal yes. They create a copy of the CD on your disk. This does means that you risk filling your HD very quickly though.

However these packages do not help on copy protected CD's.

Many protected CD's use maths rather than physical data to check the legality of the disk. By caluclating the location on the disk and a few other factors, it can say yay or nay.

The protection resides in area where you can't read in full, thus meaning these software items can't get the data to store.

Running games off the hard drive?

This was Alcohol 52% . Full version free on the DVD.

I've tried other programmes like that in the past. Mainly to save the bother of disc swapping for games like Baulders gate, etc and they are so handy.

But as you say, now-a-days the copy procection makes them unusable. Cry
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Running games off the hard drive?

Personally, if I own a game I have no problems with installing a no-cd patch to the game to avoid having to use the CD, I actually had to buy a new copy of medal of honour because I wore out the CD! Remember not to delete the original executable file (rename it instead) or if you want to patch the game in the future you will have to re-install.

As for where to get it, just use google and you will get there eventually.

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Running games off the hard drive?

Can't remember which one of these programs it is now but either
Clone CD
gives you the option to make a vertual drive, on this drive it puts a image of your disk that it rely's on to play the game so there is no need to have the disk in the cd drive. I used this method to play Diablo to stop the slowdown when playing.

Sorry i can't remember what program it is, maybe someone else can give some information on this.

Running games off the hard drive?

Nero provides this function.

You first select the Image Writter and use it to create a Nero image of a CD on your HD using the Copy CD function.

You can then use that image with Drive Image (If I remember the name correctly) from windows control panel.

The software does need installing seperatly to Nero though.