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Ps2 DMZ UDP ERROR 519/179 ??

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Registered: 03-09-2007

Ps2 DMZ UDP ERROR 519/179 ??

I have been trying to get online for ages with my ps2 before i had 1mb connection but dident have the network codes...
Now i have the 8mb plus net package and network codes...

It connects no problems, dns fine etc then says testing udp port and fails saying error 519/179

I see on the main page it has a cross (X) next to gaming for the 8mb 1gb deal Sad
is there anyway i can upgrade with out upgrading the mb usage...
i dont want to be paying the £15 a month charge as i wanted to test the ps2 online and see how many people are on there...??

Just seems weird i dident think they would be able to block online gaming through the phone line :lol:
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Ps2 DMZ UDP ERROR 519/179 ??

I'm fairly sure they don't stop you from playing, but you'd have to expect pretty high latency because the priority of gaming traffic on option 1 is pretty low.

The error you're getting is to do with hosting games so far as I can see - you need to set up your router to forward the right UDP port if you want to host games, but you should still be able to join without trouble.
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Ps2 DMZ UDP ERROR 519/179 ??


If you do upgrade to option 2 and don't like it, you can downgrade pretty much straight away. As long as you spend 30 days on a package, you can chop and change as many times as you like.

Hope this helps.

Carl L