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Problems with on-line poker and chess

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Registered: 04-09-2007

Problems with on-line poker and chess

Hope someone can advise on this.

I've been experiencing difficulties playing chess on Yahoo. The problem occurs when my opponant thinks for any time over his move. My connection seems to drop, but I get no warning of this, the clock keeps running and voila I'm out of time when in fact I have several minutes left. When playing Backgammon on Yahoo, I have no such problems (due to the constant action?).

In poker rooms it's fine when I'm playing, the constant dealing, betting etc seems to help the stability. But, any lack of activity, like when we're waiting for someone on the table to re-connect and wham, I've gone again.

Is this a PlusNet problem, a router problem or what? I am running a 4-port router and have experienced problems with a PC and Mac. I have a 2Mb connection which is good and stable.

I'd just like to hear if anyone has suffered the same problem(s) or even that they don't !!