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Poor signal - Xbox Live


Poor signal - Xbox Live

My freind and I live approx 30 miles away and both use 512k routers

however, in Xbox Live we cannot hear each other speak but the rest of the world can!

In Midnight Club 2, I can race araound but on my mates screen, I'm stood still.
on his screen and vice versa

If I set up my own game, checking the signal meter in MC2 I appear to my mate to only have 1 bar signal strength as opposed to people in the US with 3, sometimes 4

Any ideas why we should have such a poor signal? I play against some Scots who have full 5 bars regularly, so it must be a setting or conflict somewhere??

Any ideas teccie heads out there ?




My xbox is set up




I think my mates is just auto configured by the xbox though

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