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PlusNet Soildier of Fortune 2 Server

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Registered: 08-06-2007

PlusNet Soildier of Fortune 2 Server

Hi all,

Following various requests for this in the forums I have set up a test server for Soildier of Fortune 2.

The server is a Death Match server because due to the hardware limitations I am not sure how many players it will run - the limit is currently set to 10. The server is running on:


Now, the main problem with this is that I do not own the game myself and never have done so I do not know whether people can join, what the mapcycle is like, whether any of the game settings are wrong etc. so I would appriciate some feedback from people. Cheesy

If you want to give feedback them PM me or reply to this post. Bear in mind that I am not sure whether the hardware will support the game so any feedback, good or bad, is welcome.