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PlusNet Games Server List

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PlusNet Games Server List

Dear Customers,

As I get asked for this information fairly often I am going to keep a up to date list of our available games servers here as it is easier to keep up to date in the forums than in the technical link:support pages.
[list=1]Medal of Honour: CKR Realism, Objective Based -
Medal of Honour: CKR Realism, FFA -

Counterstrike #1 -
Counterstrike #2 -

Halflife Team Fortress Classic -
Halflife Team Fortress Classic (Hunted Only) -

Unreal Tournament 2003: Team Deathmatch -

Soildier of Fortune 2: Infiltration -

Castle Wolfenstein Enemy Territory: Campaign -
In addition to this we have statistics available for some of the games. Statistics for the Medal of Honour: Allied Assault servers can be found at Note that the stats are updated daily at 7am and are archived every two months.

Statistics for the Unreal Tournament 2003 server can be found at These stats are updated at the end of each round of play.

Castle Wolfenstein Enemy Territory is a free game and as such the Windows and Linux binaries are available for download at These are only accessible when connected through PlusNet. Please do not link directly to them or we will have to remove the ability to download them directly.

I will keep this post updated as necessary and if you have any questions or problems then please either post in the forum or PM me.

Kind Regards,