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PlusNet/F9 C&C Renegade Test Server Feedback

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PlusNet/F9 C&C Renegade Test Server Feedback

Just noticed the test server was back up on GameSpy Arcade before so I gave it a trial run for an hour or so. It performed fine until more than 6 players joined the server. Then the game began to warp... seriously! You'd jump from one side of your base to the other. At first I thought this my be a ping issues. But the ping was a remarkable 65ms B-) I talked to some of the other people in the game and they were experiencing this warping effect also. They suggested that the cause maybe 56K modem players generating server lag. This didn't turn out to be the case as there were pretty much only DSL players left towards the end.
I took a look at the stats for the game. (Accessible by hitting "F8" and typing "fps" at the command prompt - which appears top left of the screen - and then hit "enter") This shows FPS, SFPS, PING and KBPS. I presume these mean Frames Per Second, Server Frames Per Second, ping (obviously ;-) ) and Kilo Bytes Per Second. Not sure all these are displayed on the server but you may want to look. Because as soon as 5 or 6 people join the server the SFPS value falls from as high as 65 SFPS to 22 SFPS. It even went as low as 5 SFPS.
Now any ideas what is causing this? I'm guessing that maybe the server doesn't have enough RAM.

So not a great success overall. But I appreciate your effort in setting up this server Smiley . One really sad thing about this server was I didn't meet any other PlusNet-ers the whole time I was playing Sad


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RE: PlusNet/F9 C&C Renegade Test Server Feedback

Hi Andrew,

I did get wind of this earlier today (I happened to be checking the server and noticed that you were connected Wink and have been investigating but I will be flattening the server and having another crack at it later tonight.

Not sure what it was that has caused the slowdown but it was running with 20+ people last week and it was working fine.... hmmm

Oh well, I shall have to get back to 'stress testing' it tommorow Cheesy

ps. look out for p4cman and incubus (me n mike)


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