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Plus net speed


Plus net speed

I have the basic broadband from plus net but i paid a couple pounds more 4 the downloading peer to peer thing. I want 2 no how fast is this really is it 512k or more or even less
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Plus net speed

Hi there,

The ADSL service has a theoratical maximum of 512K but as with a normal modem you are unlikely to reach the actual maximum under normal operation. This is because of a number of factors such as your equipment and noise on the line.

You can check your speed using the speed tester which is found in the Connection Settings area of the Member Centre. If you want to see what sort of average you should be expecting I would recomend looking at ADSLguide where they have a section on ISP's average speeds.


Plus net speed

:roll: Thanks a lot for that. Do you have xbox live or play any pc games online
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Plus net speed

Hi Extreme,

Check the subject of the forum before you post. This sort of post might have been better in the ADSL forum rather than games. you will get more replies to your question and therefore more help (don't cross post it though!)

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Plus net speed

I play a few PC games online, but am hindered by my modem which adds about 10ms, so would be better with a router.

avg ping on UK servers for:

UT 60-100
Q3/CS 20-50
Freelancer 30-60

Those pings can get worse at peek times or when on overloaded game servers.

As far as downloading is concerned, as long as you know that your speeds are dependant on the host and dont expect 60k from everywhere all the time
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Plus net speed

:roll: Ok thanks for the response and tlk 2 ya when eva.

Oh wait do u have a ps2 or xbox