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N/A Gaming Team


Could whoever looks after the gaming for now, please drop me a mail?

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We at the PlusNet forums do not approve of e-mail answers... if it's a public forum, it's for public questions and public answers. If you want to raise an issue directly to support, please do so via link:Contact Us.

N/A Gaming Team

Thanks for the reply, but I am simply trying to make contact with the team. My previous contact doesn't appear to be working for them any more.
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I think the main Plusnet Support agent for the games servers is Josh Berry

you could perhaps send him a PM to make contact but as Thomas has stated these are Public Forums and a shared knowlege base where everyone learns from each other.
So questions raised are best done on the forums and not in private.
N/A Gaming Team

Thanks for the info and dont worry, Im no stranger to forums just that there is nothing to discuss really, just trying to find out who our contact is now.

Many thanks.