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Please Help


Please Help


I’ve been playing Starwars Battlefront 2 online for a while now but in the last week or two I’ve been suffering from intermittent, abnormally high response times across all the game servers available which can last hours.

When this occurs the ping times on Ventrilo also increase to anywhere in the region of 500 – 1000 ping which is ridiculously high.

Even when a game server has got a low response time, whilst playing on it the response time will suddenly increase until it is unplayable. Servers normally showing 50 – 100 increase to 600+.

I have tried rebooting the machine and router but it doesn’t fix it most of the time and then for no reason at all the response times will go back to normal. Also I have checked the game servers at different times of day and have found that the problem is occurring any time and not just during peak times.

When this problem occurs, occasionally I can fix it on one particular game server by connecting to it, getting booted off for lag, then reconnecting immediately and the response time will be normal and remain normal. The response time will still remain high on all the other servers, including one game server run off of the same machine as the one that works, which really doesn’t make sense.

When I am experiencing problems with the game servers I have checked my connection speed and it looks ok. It doesn’t make any sense and I would really appreciate any suggestions on how I can fix or get this problem fixed.