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Playstation2 could not connect to Playstation Central - FIX!

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Registered: 01-09-2007

Playstation2 could not connect to Playstation Central - FIX!

This is a weird fix that worked for me.

My setup:

PlusNet BB PLus
Linksys WAG354G (I'll prob NOT recommend this one!)
A few PC's hanging off it on a mixture of wired and wireless
Wired PS2

I configured my PS to have a static IP (for example), and configured my router to put this IP in the DMZ so it gets all ports.
My gateway was - ie. my router
My netmask
And DNS's as per what the router picked up and

When I did the network test I'd either get them all passed or a failure on the traceroute, but could never connect to Playstation Central.

Turned upnp off on the router as well but this did not make a difference - but was off when it worked...

Tried a couple fo times this morning and left the PS2 at the 'Couldnt connect to Central' page to go for a call of nature Shockedops:

Then from another PC I opened a command prompt (Start -> run -> cmd or command) and ran 'ping'
The first request timeout Huh? but all subsequent ones passed
I then clicked the auto-save icon on the PS2 screen to get it to try again and da-dan it worked - very very weird

If this works for anyone else let me know

Should I post this on the offical PS 2 forum as well?

Thanks for listening

BTW isn't the IP I used its cos an example

Playstation2 could not connect to Playstation Central - FIX!

I had an issue when I was using the Linksys WGA54G wireless gaming adaptor for my PS2 to connect to m Netgear DG834G router. The playstation would have to try connecting TWICE before it would work!

I eventually ditched the WGA54G adaptor and got a netgear WGE111 gaming adaptor instead - works a treat. And doesn't drop out halfway through a mission anymore

I find I don't have to use the DMZ feature. My playstation is allocated a dynamic IP whenever it tries connecting and the DG834G just opens whatever ports are needed by using uPnP. Although when I have tried putting the PS2 address in the DMZ it is interesting to see which ports are open :shock: