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Planetside - How to get it.


Planetside - How to get it.

If you havent tried it then I recommend you give it a go for 7 days, its awesome to say the least and is having a major pop hike at the moment with everyone leaving WoW and returning to the best FPS on the net.

Q. I want to play PlanetSide how can I buy the game?
A. The easiest way is to download it from for $19.99 (£13.00)

This includes the CoreCombat expansion and your first 30 days subscription. Current subscription cost are $12.99 (8.50) a month.

Q. I'm not sure.... is there a trial?
A. Sure is... and it's 100% free!

Download the client from Full PlanetSide Installer program from

This will download the PlanetSide client, which will then Patch your game to a complete install... be advised though.. it is 1.6GB!

Now you need a Trial CD key

Just enter a valid email address, and copy the text in the box. (It's case sensitive) and then an 7 day trial key will be emailed to you.

Note! You can only get one key emailed to the same email address!

If you decide after the trial you want to buy the game just purchase it from and get a full game cd key emailed to you.... you will NOT have to download the game again!

PlanetSide Trailer is available .... (16mb) (8mb)

With all of the above details on one handy page.....

Planetside - How to get it.

Before I go I would just let the gaming community here know that Planetside is now free up to a capped level, no subscription, nothing.
Its proved extremely popular.

Follow this link to Planetside reserves, which is the free download.

This link is to the main site if you wanted to have more of a look around.