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Ping high in Unreal Tournement


Ping high in Unreal Tournement

Ok at the moment I have an 8 port unity hub 10/100 (cheap and cheerful) cost about £30 and a cheap and cheerful 10/100 NIC card

I have a feeling that this cheap hardware is not allowing me my full bandwith or proper sharing when another PC on my small 3 PC network is on.

I have tried the bandwith test with my ISP and its ok and I appear to be connected at an exceptable rate.

But when I'm playing UT my ping is usually about 50 to 70 and for a 1mb DSL connection I would expect to see a ping of about 30 to 35.

Do you think that by getting another hub (say a 3com hub that allows managed bandwith sharing) this will improve my ping ?

Or on the other hand could it be my P3 - 550mhz PC that is letting me down ?

Hope u guys have some answers

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Ping high in Unreal Tournement

To get the lowest pings possible, you need an external modem/router, that connects to your computer through a cat5 cable. This is so your computer doesn't have to waster precious resources on the modem.

So if you want a good ping, don't have a computer dialing up to ADSL, have an external modem/router do it.

Ping high in Unreal Tournement

Games server allways have increased pings over other machines, due to the loads they are placed under.

What sort of pings are you seeing to other sites?

Does it apply to all UT servers?

In adition, if you feel there is a problem, you may like to review THIS thread, where evidance is being collected to try and locate what may be a possible fault, where not all customers are seeing a problem.
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Ping high in Unreal Tournement

you ping isnt linked you your DSL speed, but the distance to the server / line quality / modem type. If you are using a USB or PCI modem then expect 50-100 pings in UK/Germany/NL, add to that if your on the extremes of ADSL line length and almost RDSL length.

So one thing to Tweak in UT.

Netspeed, bind some keys for 3 different settings. So what you want is to use the following, high lag server = low netspeed, Low lag = High netspeed.

Try from 5000 for sever lag and up to 12000 for a low lag, any higher doesn't help as most Good servers limit your netspeed on there end anyway.

Personaly I have 5000 7500 and 10000 bound to 3 keys, so I can change it easily for any server. NB now with current cheat protection, you can only change netspeed every 5-10 seconds or so.
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