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PSP Broadband connectivity problems


PSP Broadband connectivity problems


I've got a PSP and play online games with this. My connection when I'm playing games like Socom for instance keeps lagging. I've tried different routers to rule that out and have sat right next to it and this doesn't make any difference.

My usage indicates that it is gonig in the right direction, but how do I know if its getting priority, especially after 4pm?

Any one know how I can get a better PSP connection without the lag? It doesn't seem to matter what time of day, it just lags, sometimes a little, sometimes lots.



PSP Broadband connectivity problems

What product are you on, what is your usage for the month so far, and what kind of http download speeds do you usually get (see

If you could post the name of the game you're playing (and the ports it uses if you know them) and the method by which you connect your PSP to the internet it'd be helpful.
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PSP Broadband connectivity problems

As lestones advises, raise a ticket to plusnet, and advise us of the details, ports and ip address if you know it. If not, then we can have a look.

Hope this helps,

Carl Lockley