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PS2 configuration file


PS2 configuration file

Hi All

Ive my PC connected to the internet via a Netgear DG834G router. Im trying to connect my PS2 slim to the router to play call of duty 3. I get an error "Your network configuration file was not found, use your network access disc"

Any ideas on how i resolve this as the ps2 didnt come with this disk to my knowledge.



PS2 configuration file

there is application forms in the PS2 Slim box to send off for the netplay setup disc. Call of Duty 3 is on the PS2?!? WHY?
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PS2 configuration file

Why ask "Why"?

Should PS2 gamers miss out?

PS2 configuration file

Just thought that for anyone who hasn't got the network disc this might be helpful.

If you haven't got the registration details that came with your Playstation 2 box you can go to

and request the network access disc.

If you have the network access disc and can't get the Central Station to respond you can input your Network Access Code at

which bypasses the need for the Central Station and gets you registered for network play.

These are just solutions to the problems that I had when I was setting up my PS2 for network play, so I hope they help.

S Cheesy