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Optimizing MTU and RWIN settings? x-box


Optimizing MTU and RWIN settings? x-box

I've just about got my head around optimizing mtu and rwin settings for my home network and it occurred to me. Should I optimize the mtu and rwin settings on my brother in-laws dedicated xbox router?

I know this will not improve latency, but would this help improve the lag for him?
or does the xbox know what the router mtu/rwin settings are and sort it out it's self?

if not then it must be fragmenting the packets .... LAG

"What does MTU do on Xbox Live?
The MTU of your router or gateway must be greater than or equal to 1365. If it is less than 1365, you won’t be able to connect to Xbox Live."


If I'm reading the quote correctly the xbox spits out the packets in 1365 sized chunks.
would it improve things if i did the maths and matched the rwin to this?

thank simon

Optimizing MTU and RWIN settings? x-box

Now that's a good question.

So I'm nudging this in the hope of an answer to your question.

because I'd like to know too.

Does anyone know?