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Online gaming


Online gaming

Hi Guys,

I have just got my ADSL up and running and i'm trying to play TF or Counter-strike on a server but the servers that have players won't let me in.

Also i'm unable to find any servers on Gamespy for any games.

I think i must be doing something wrong.

Any help will be appricated.


RE: Online gaming

Have you been here

yet ?

I didn't find it very usefull but there are plenty of Quake3 servers out there to keep me happy :-)


RE: Online gaming

counter stike must one of the easiest games to find as there are 1000s of rooms to play in. go here get the rooms ip address that you fancy playing in and type that ip in your favoutites in the online game menu of counterstrike and then join.
Bear in mind you need to be patched to the current version 1110 for halflife and 1.5 for cs
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RE: Online gaming

Possibly bit of an obvious question, but have you configured GS to find your gamesHuh

You should also try "All seeing eye" from

It's like Gamepsy but without the adverts and most people I know prefer it.

It's free and you don't need to register.

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RE: Online gaming

Team factor is not supported by gamespy or All seeing eye.

For help on TF goto


RE: Online gaming

The most common problem with online gaming is firewalls. These basically prevent hackers from randomly finding and compromising your computer by blocking inbound traffic that is not a direct response to a request. For instance you can browse the web because you requested the page, but online games are just not so simple.

Getting into quite a big subject here and I am by no means an expert, but basically you need to make sure that you have the correct ports open. For instance web browsing uses port 80, games can use some or all from 1 to 5000! You will probably be able to find more specific information on the support/faq pages on official sites of the games in question, or on the larger game server sites. And of course there are always search engines like google.

If you need further help post details of what firewall and/or modem you are using (many ADSL modems work as a NAT firewall) and perhaps I or someone else can assist.

Best of luck.

RE: Online gaming

Valve had a problem with the won servers Tuesday when they wouldn't auth people entering a CS server(kept saying your EXE was out of date) due to upgrades for the new CS 1.6 patch and Steam
this ran from about 6pm till 11pm.

don't know if thats the day you tried