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Online Gaming Stereotypes


Online Gaming Stereotypes

I found this on the main Americas Army forums, although most of the player types could equally be applied to any game. It cracked me up when I read it as I defiantly recognise some of the traits in some people I play with.

The "Blamer"
This is the guy that is never at the fault of his own doings. Someone, somewhere is the reason he died. Watch out, you may have caused his death even if you just switched to auto-fire. You may have even walked behind him and scared him into running head long into fire. Remember, it is your fault and you should have been more careful.

Watch this guy. He is a good teammate to have. He follows you for no reason and gets satisfaction out of saving your behind. He asks for nothing in return and enjoys what he does. If you die, he feels like he failed. These are the types of players that snipers dream of. I have had one and I have been one. The protector is a class of its own, one to be respected and protected. If you see one of these guys out there, pay attention, you may just want to follow him around too.

The "Nurse"
There he is, searching non-stop for that fellow soldier who is injured. The Nurse has little time in fast paced maps. This rare breed exists in the longer battles. Pay attention, you may want to hang around this player. This player thrives for searching out any "Extra" points they can make by patching you up. If its greed, it don’t matter. Let him do what he likes to do, you will thank him one day.

You have all read have all said it........"You wanna be out there and die while your at it!"
These are the blood and guts glory seekers. Kill, Kill more, and Kill a few more too. They don’t need teammates, they can do most of it without you anyways. You will probably just slow them down, so stay back and let them at it. Sometimes they are good and sometimes they are not. Its up to you to follow them. Sometimes its good to follow them and play support, other times you may just want to let them run their course and let them die. Every team will have one, every team will lose one. Everyone once in a while loves to be one.

The "Hater"
Oh man, this guy sucks! Everyone loathes this player and would like to hit the "Kill" button on this player. He has no sense of judgement and no sense of rationality. This player is a boon to the whole community. First off, he is mad that someone else isn’t playing by his rules. Second, she is upset that no one is listening to her complaints. Third, this player don’t like anyone and wants everyone to know this. The chat channel is filled with nothing but vulgar displays of hatred at the game and every player in it. Ironically, most people feed the fire and retort.
This player could also be dubbed the "Attention Seeker", but more often than not this person could care less about anyone, their opinions and mostly could just care less at all. Just ignore this player, they will soon lose interest when they discover they are not soliciting any response. If they are just doing it to do it, then don’t feed the fire.

The "Hurdle"
This is a funny one. This guy must have been a log in his past life or something. He runs. He gets there. He squats. He remains. He is "Rock Steady." If he is in a pathway or even a doorway, he is there! He is your foundation in life. If you need to get somewhere, he is there. He is there for you, you can count on it. I know if you could, you would jump over that hurdle. Maybe pass some gas on the way over, but you are there, he is there, there you both remain. I swear this guys equipment comes packed with a pup-tent and chow. Get comfy guys, you might as well cause he is too.

The "Beggar"
You have it, he wants it. You don’t have it, well he would like it anyways. You are never safe from this guy. If you have more deaths than him, he may want those too. He is never happy with what he is given. If he finally gets the M249, he may all of a sudden need you sniper slot. Hell, he might even need your extra clips too if he could get them. LOL. Go away!

The "Pwner"
I am telling you, watch out, this guy will have you and your fun too. He is discreet about his cheating and doesn’t go overboard about it either. He has just enough fun to win the game and win your fun too. You lose no matter what. Know his username and know where he goes most of the time. Avoid that area. Have fun and play hard. Stay away from his "Area" and work around him. It is possible. Worst come to worst, try and get on his team...........he will move to another server soon. Its no fun for them to flaunt to the same people over and over again.

"Sniper Support"
This is the man. He sticks through it with his responsibilities. His sniper is his whole world. He provides rear cover and follows his sniper like a faithful companion. The rest of the world means nothing to him. His snipers concentration is his whole existence. And a true sniper knows this too, he gives his smokes to this guy knowing that they will be used to his benefit. The sniper has no other concern other than the small world he focuses on through his "Gods" eye view of the world. Watch for this player, he is a valuable player.

The "Tourist Guide"
This guy knows this map. He is practiced at every situation and has a plan for it all. If you may come this way.............he is there. If you come that way.......he is there as well, and waiting. Time means nothing to him. Time means even less on longer maps. Go ahead, search his rucksack! He has plenty of snacks in there to keep him sustained for long periods of "Waiting." He even has a set of headphones in there too! No use fighting it, he is there for the long haul. You might even enjoy a game of spades with him too. Pull up an MRE box and let the games begin!
Rushing him is like trying to get finance to hurry up and settle your DLA account! Don’t get mad. He is only doing what he was ordered to do. His objectives are to win! If winning is what he don’t matter how he did it!

The "Spam.mmm.mmmm.mmer"
Don’t try. Don’t argue! Don’t even think about it! He is right and he is right! This player know this map in and out. This player even knows the colour underneath the second layer of chipped paint underneath the stairs by the window to the left. Him and his buddy’s used to throw fake nades over the roof to the second floor when they were kids. Just to see who could get the closest. One time, he even walked backwards, blindfolded and hand tied from one end to the other while doing rifle tosses. Amazing things here!!! Too much time on their hands and they will let you now too.

The "Silent One"
No matter how hard you try, this player will never read anything that is typed in chat area. For whatever reasons, they will never read anything, anytime, anywhere. Give up, quit trying. Consider them a rambo and wish them well.

"Lost Soul"
Where are they? Are they in the right game? Hell, not even they know. If you ask them, you might even get lost in their These are the types that never read the manual nor do they posses any quick learning skills. If you are not there to help them, then you just another helpless player that does not care about anyone..........lmao!!! Go buy a copy of "Castle Wolfenstien". play that and come back to me.

The "Fun Man"
No matter what, this guy is having fun. If he dies, man that was fun! If he wins, dam the was great. Though he may not be the best player in the world, he sure is having fun trying to be. This can be a lot of fun. This person is always fun to have around. He always sees the humour in things no matter how much he is losing. I personally like having these guys around. I try to be like this guy most of the time.

The "ROE'inator"
No stopping this guy. If you are in the way of the enemy, too bad for you. If you look like a human, you are prime target. Nades away!!! This is the guy that fires away around every corner he goes matter what! Who's side is this guy on? No ones!!! He is on his own side! Join him or stay away. LOL.
This type of player could also be dubbed as the "ReLogger." AAO joke. This player is very familiar with the sounds of harmonicas.

The "Commo Guy"
This guys is constantly filling the chat channel with everything. Where he is, where he was and where he will be going. Though these guys can at times become a pain, it is vital. This guy has a key bind for everything, even a key bind for scratching his bum. Pay attention to this guy, follow his trail of communications and you will know his exact fate.

The "Preacher"
Oh no! We have another "Saint" on the server. This guy knows everything. He mostly knows what you have done wrong and he thrives to inform you of them. If you fired one too many rounds at the enemy, he knows it. One may wonder if he is even playing the game or just scrutinizing others. Pay attention soldier, you are supposed to have a lot to learn from this Joe! Then low and behold the "Preacher" dies and instantly becomes the "Blamer."

The "Wild Tangent"
Where in the world is this guy going?!?!? Has he spotted the little leprechaun over in the corner and going to investigate? I tell you, sometimes I don’t even know. Worst of all, sometimes he don’t even know. Hes that guy that sits there crouched in the corner all the time camping out the fly on the wall. When you inquire as to what the heck he is doing, you get a simple answer "I'm covering this direction." Uh.......what direction is that, the enemy are over

The "Prosecutor" & "Defendant"
These two are never in short supply. Courthouse is always in session and the jury is full. What is it with these guys? For one, the "Prosecutor" always thinks he is right and the "Defendant" never does anything wrong. These guys are usually in battle over some of the common issues that plague this game. The jury hands in the verdict and vote-kicks are this leads into the next player type.

The "Voter"
If there is a vote going on somewhere, this guy has cast his judgement. Most of the time this player doesn’t even know what the "Prosecutor" is pushing for. He gets excited at the possibility taking out his aggressions on another player by casting a vote to remove them even if he doesn’t have a clue. The feeling of empowerment. Some of these players achieve great satisfaction just by being the LAST voter. It is highly important to them to be the LAST voter. I wouldn’t be surprised if this player has a mouse button set for voting so he can do it quick on the fly.

The "Had You" guy
No matter how times you take him down, he had you. No matter how hard he tries, he had you. You would have been dead, cause he had you. Mostly, he always "has" you from the dead chat channel.

The "Bus Driver"
Sit back troops and make bets. I'll put 200 down on this guy that says he runs the same route again. Like a bus driver, this player has the same routes that he must take in order to sustain his reason for being. It don’t matter if he has been ambushed there for the last 2 hours, he still drives his route like a good faithful bus driver. So if you face this guy in battle, pull out your watch and check his schedule, he should be on time!

The "Chat Log Warrior"
Man oh man is this guy tough! I would hate to meet him in a dark chat log. He could take anyone down. This is the player that is always stopping in mid run to retort to someone else’s comment. He is a text-book soldier and die-hard teammate. Funny thing is though, he cant play for nothing. His tactics sound good, but don’t follow him into a fire fight. Mostly he is just a "Back Seat Gunner."

Online Gaming Stereotypes

its funny coz' its true.

RE: Online Gaming Stereotypes

Sounds about right to me and covers ALL Areas Tongue
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Online Gaming Stereotypes

nah .. buy a copy of CoD, you have far too many classes for Wolfenstein .. so I doubt that you could play that game.

Online Gaming Stereotypes

lol! sounds awesome! not about classe's just players, altho could be applied as classes in Et/RTCW etc! lol! funny stuff, see my mates this way and myself!

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Online Gaming Stereotypes

gonna steal this and adapt it a little to fit in me website.