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NeverWinter Nights Server


NeverWinter Nights Server

I am trying to setup a dedicated NeverWinter Server on my pc. I have two machines connected directly into a DLink DSL-504 I can connect to the internet no problem but no one can see my server and no one can direct connect to my IP address.
I have one static IP Address and I am trying port forwarding but nothing works can anyone help with ant settings I need to enter into either my router or the server program Huh

Thanks In Advance
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RE: NeverWinter Nights Server

Hi Martin,

As far as I know you need to allow port 5121 inbound so that clients can connect to the server.

In addition to this it may be worth making sure that the IP address stated in the dedicated server setup is set to your 212.*.*.* IP address and not your internal IP address.

PlusNet Customer Support

RE: NeverWinter Nights Server

Hi Josh,
Thanks for the reply, I have managed to get port forwarding to work and players can now direct connect but my games still do not appear in GameSpy I have opened up ports required by gamespy but still no luck, but i have noticed my dedicated server is showing the internal ip address like you said, how do I change this to be the external address ?


RE: NeverWinter Nights Server

Hi Martin

In the config file you should be able to enable gamespy and alter the server IP address. I think altering the server IP might be the most difficult part as it takes it from your system.
If you can't change it then you won't be able to run through gamespy as it will publish your IP as a 192.*.*.* and subsequently won't work.