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Netgear DG834G - XBox Live


Netgear DG834G - XBox Live

have had DG834G installed with plusnet for months with no problem. Have just tried to setup xbox live (with wired connection) and am hitting a "xbox live not responding" problem.

Microsoft had me try various things but gave up and told me to buy a "supported router".

I have xbox in DMZ and have fiddled with MTU - no joy.

Any ideas or advice much appreciated.
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Netgear DG834G - XBox Live

Hi there,

I can't give you any specific advise (I don't own an XBox) but if you search this and the ADSL forum for xbox then there are tons of posts from people with similar problems.


Netgear DG834G - XBox Live

Hi There

I have had a play about with XBOX live and a few routers and the ICMP issue seems to cause problems so possibly this may help.

Microsoft is sending a spurious ICMP packet to your router when it runs XBox Live Network — as a warning about a problem that might happen later. This (correctly) causes the NETGEAR router to terminate the session. The ICMP packet was Microsoft's attempt to solve another problem that routers from various companies were having with their service and ICMP. Instead, it caused a different problem.

Both problems may be fixed in the future, in the meantime, you can try these steps to get routers that use filter rules to connect to XBox Live Network.

Note that blocking ICMP — as recommended — in limited situations may cause your router to intermittently disconnect from the Internet. Also note that if you are already using filters, you'll need to add the new filters so that the existing ones continue working properly — none of this sort of configuration is supported by NETGEAR's free support — agents will not know how to solve this problem.

Upgrade to the latest router firmware.
Open ports 88 and 3074. (There appear to be non-NETGEAR sources that say this is unnecessary, however it is.)

If your Internet connection uses PPPoE, set these filters:

Filter # A Type Filter Rules M m n
1 Y Gen Off=2, Len=3, Mask=ffffff, Value=002145 Y N N
2 Y Gen Off=13, Len=1, Mask=ff, Value=01 Y N N
3 Y Gen Off=24, Len=2, Mask=ffff, Value=0303 N D F

If your Internet connection does not use PPPoE, try these filters:

Filter # A Type Filter Rules M m n
1 Y Gen Off=12, Len=3, Mask=ffffff, Value=080045 Y N N
2 Y Gen Off=23, Len=1, Mask=ff, Value=01 Y N N
3 Y Gen Off=34, Len=2, Mask=ffff, Value=0303 N D F