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Need for Speed Most Wanted


Need for Speed Most Wanted

Is available

and its pretty good too

Processor - Intel Pentium 4 or equivalent 1.4 GHz
Memory - 256MB RAM
Hard Drive - 1.0 GB
CD Drive - 8 SPEED (Demo Disc only)
Video Card - 32MB*
Sound Card - DirectX 9.0c compatible
DirectX - Version 9.0 c
Online - Broadband; 2-4 Players
Input - Keyboard, mouse or USB Steering Wheel/Gamepad
DirectX 9.0c is included on this disc and may require the latest drivers for your video and sound card.

demo included:
Quick Race

Tuned Mustang
Stock Cayman S
Tuned Cayman S
Opponent Cars:
Golf GTI
Cayman S
Quick Race Tracks:
Sprint - Point-to-Point
Speedtrap - New Race Mode
Challenge Series
1 Pursuit Length Challenge
1 Tollbooth Challenge
1 Roadblock dodge Challenge
Blacklist 15 Teaser
Plays a 30 second video showcasing the blacklist and blacklist opponents.

Music (4 tracks)
Main Menu - Do Ya Thang
Main Menu - In A Hood Near You
Race Music - We Control
Race Music - Skinnyman

Need for Speed Most Wanted

Thanks for that Robyn, been waiting for this game for a while heh. Hopefully if I can get an Xbox 360 before Xmas this will be the game I will have on it heh.

Also a more extensive list of download sites can be found here

Need for Speed Most Wanted

Just finished the download heh, going to give it a go!

For anyone on Win Xp installing this game you need to extract the files and then find the autorun execute file. Right click and go to properties, click the compatibility tab and set it to run in Windows 2000.

This gets rid of the DirectX 9.0c installation error that seems like a bug, but now it seems fine and its installing.

If you dont get the error then there is no need to do this, I think its something to do with having the latest video drivers.

Need for Speed Most Wanted

thanks for the extended list, will share that around, no doubt all these sites will get hammered for a little while, so a few extra url's will be helpful.

And the Viper rox lol, jesus, just dont try to go around a corner!

Need for Speed Most Wanted

lol man that game is amazing, wow wow wow lol

I managed to get through all 6 of the roadblocks but then 3 SUVs head on collisioned me and I got busted lol

Need for Speed Most Wanted

not managed to get through the roadblocks yet, keep spinning the viper out, lasting ages tho, just not finding the blocks

Need for Speed Most Wanted

Any idea if the demo comes with any network/online capabilities?

Need for Speed Most Wanted

yes it does mate, been online with it myself, you might want to host a game yourself tho, every one listed in the internal browser is always full, I hosted one and it got full (4 players Cry ) straightaway...the only thing I couldnt work out is that I didnt configure the router to open the correct port or anything.. I have to with BF2 but not with this game

Need for Speed Most Wanted

Ah I managed to get on a few servers and actually won one! lol

Wow this game is amazing, cant wait till the 360 is released!

Cheesy Cheesy

Need for Speed Most Wanted

Is this any good, I remember NFS used to be the foundation of mildly average racing games way back, plus the recent underground ones look more like style over substance.

Ideally need a game that plays like Gran Turismo but actually throws some decent AI into the bargain too.

Need for Speed Most Wanted

the cops in this are TOTAL £$(£"$£, they are seriously good at catching you, blocking, driving etc, I am gonna buy it when it comes out

Need for Speed Most Wanted

finally managed to complete the roadblock bit, god....

Kept on beating loads of roadblocks...13 at last count, with over 200,000 on the damage counter, loads of felonies, but could I lose the chance, but this time, managed to get 6 roadblocks and lose them on a country road which split into two, they went the wrong way..

Honestly hope you can play cops n bad guys together over the net or lan with this one, will make it a long lasting game

Need for Speed Most Wanted

Its easy to get away from them if you use those err triangle things marked on the maps. Like ramming into the stilts that suppose the big donut, cool as hell when it falls on the cars and blows em up lol

Another way is by hand brake turning at last second and they will just smack into the wall or go the wrong way lol. The A.I in this is by far the best I have seen to date, best bit is when you go under the lorries at like 60MPH and the cops dont have a clue whats going on and all hit the lorry lol

:lol: :lol: Download it now if you havent already.
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Need for Speed Most Wanted

Got it last week and got hooked - i think i like the fact they droped the pimping options for some desent cops.

I just got the DB9 and its like a big TANK!!! YEAH !!! makes mincemeat of those SUV's