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Multiplayer (over TCP/IP) game. Any suggestions?


Multiplayer (over TCP/IP) game. Any suggestions?


I was just wondering if any can suggest a few games to me.
Me and a few frineds are looking to play some games over TCP/IP but can't think of any games to do it with. We've played FPS gmes so much that we're sick of them for the moment. We really wanted a racing game, but one that offers the option of 2+ players playing in a season/career type mode as opposed to exibition modes.
Although we will also consider anything that is not too intense, just a quick, maybe even mad, bit of fun.

We would like to be able to play over the internet and LAN at the same time (hence the TCP/IP bit).

We have enjoyed things like Fatal Racing and International Rally Championship (ok, so that's not exactly quick to play, but good fun). However these don't work over TCP/IP.

So if you have any suggestions please post them as we have run out of ideas (actually that happened pretty quickly).

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Multiplayer (over TCP/IP) game. Any suggestions?

Well, this may not be your thing... but have you checked out Midtown Madness 2 (or even three, though it's not out for the PC yet)? It's great for picking up and having half an hour's mad fun with, and it also has pretty good networking support (in fact, some believe the game comes into its own when multi-playing).