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Mice for Gaming


Mice for Gaming

Hi there,

Just wondered if anyone knows what mouse I should be using to get the best out of my games.

Currently I am running with a logitech pro wireless keyboard and mmx700 logitech optical wireless mouse.

I seem to be ever so slightly behind the pace of my favourite games (UT03 DM, deathball, Q3) and also I don't seem to be able to wipe an opponent out first shot on counterstrike.

It could be that I am just crap at all the above..................................

However, does anyone know if latency is ever an issue with the wireless kit and are optical mice (my one is 700dpi) as accurate as traditional.

In summary, what do people think is the best set up?


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Mice for Gaming

You have a good mouse, just I wouldn't use a Wireless for gaming cause of:

Batteries drained just when you need them, middle of a game usually a clan match.
Interference causing mouse lag, can be from poorly shielded PC cases / cabling etc

But saying that one thing I found with my mx500, the mouse pad matters. Up until getting one I had been using hard pads or hardback books with my old Genius Optical. But now use a soft pad, with a suitable intricate design to help the eye of the mouse. As the tracking is a lot better and feels right.
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Mice for Gaming

always used a MS optic meself, but have now been taken by the accurace of a trackball, takes some getting used to but it seems far superior to a mouse now and you dont kepp falling off the matt...!!!!!

i agree mouse matt makes all the difference being an old git, i used the soft blue mats like i had on my amiga hehe, mind you the best mat i have had is a 4ft long coca cola bar matt.rubber back hard wearing soft cloth.........


Mice for Gaming

The best gaming mouse I know of is the Razor Boomslang. Kevlar shell, stupidlly high DPI and designed purely for playing games. Not cheap though, the standard one is £70+