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hi guys
i play medal of honour online .but i have problems with some of the servers cause the mods are very laggy and thus i get shot before i can even start ,any way does any1 know how to make a game run faster , my PC matches all the specs of the game , so i dont know why it shoud run slow .

please advise .

pc and internet spec

2.4 GHZ p4
512 MB ram
32 MB internal video card .
2 mb plus package .


having just read the back of the box, the min spec of a 16mb graphics card, personally, I think thats being VERY optomistic, my thoughts would be to upgrade your card first.

128mb GPU come pretty cheap these days if you dont want or need the top brands, also, bear in mind that onboard GPU's take away memory and cpu power from the board, having an AGP card would be better.

Take a look at some of these cheap cards for a possibility.

Radeon 128mb Cards

And also bearing in mind, if your going onto a laggy server, even the best cards wont solve that, go for the lowest pings, and try to avoid servers that have players in with high pings.

I go into some BF2 servers and everything runs dead smooth, put in a few people with pings over 120ms, and things start to really have problems.

Couple of ideas there anyways Wink