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MOH 'Field entry' issues


MOH 'Field entry' issues

All of today, I have been experiencing issues, trying to make a connection to the Plus.Net server.

All other MOH servers are fine, with the exception of plusnet.

Each tiem I connect, I get the same message, until I reboot, when the message changes (until the next reboot).

The current message is
MSG_ReadDeltaEntity: unrecognized entity field type 1663 for field 204

Any1 got a torch for me on this.

RE: MOH 'Field entry' issues

lo again,i get the same problem to m8,it usually only happens at the end of crossrads map and start of snowy park,i contacted ea about it and they wanted the info from an open gl window,but i didnt follow it up,it isnt the spec on my pc as everything is well over and above the min requirement.i was also getting a lot of the frozen models espically on the crossroads map,i done a clean reinstallation and d/l patch from ea themselves and it helped the performance re frozen models.


RE: MOH 'Field entry' issues

I still aint used to mapping the map names, to files, so I aint got a clue which maps it happens between.

I have managed to get on tonight, so I guess, I will just have to ride a map out first.

I wouldn't mind knowing some more information, regarding what EA asked for, and I may even plan on contactign them myself.

I to have a overspec machine (P4 2.4g, 512mb, GF4), so I doubt this is the issue either.

The only chnage I have made, is to use a No CD crack. I aint afraid in saying this, as I do have legitimate CD's for all my software. It simply takes to long to locate the CD, you can't make Backup copies of them and they get scratched, and the load time it take to spin up and what not, you have usualy missed the spot on the server. This happened before I started using the NO CD cracks, so I seriously doubt this is to blame.
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RE: MOH 'Field entry' issues

I'm assuming with 'frozen models' you mean you enter the map and some models seem to have stuck?

I sometimes get frozen models on a map when I first enter it after a change. Unfortunately although the models are stuck, the players are running around invisible to me.

The way to combat this is to go into the console window and type vid_restart. This solves it for me and saves you having to leave the game.

Don't know if this helps anyone, but thought I'd post it anyway. Smiley


RE: MOH 'Field entry' issues

I shall have to remember that one.

Stuck models usualy occur due to dropped frames from a connection. Most of the time, it is because of a laggy server, normaly caused by router issues and not the server.

Models will only sitck when at the start of a map, and not in the middle, as it's caused by the sync frames when every1 joins at once, being dropped.

OH well.