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Locked BF Vietnam Server


Locked BF Vietnam Server

i have been scanning through the servers deciding which server to play on, when i notice our F9 server has some activity, so i thought i would join in the action, only to find that the server is locked with a password!!?!?!?! why is this, we were under the impression that it was a public "non bookable" server!?!

Davey D

-[GnW]- Dr_Daph

Locked BF Vietnam Server

I was also under the same impression and have found posts on this forum that confirm they are 100% public and not bookable.

What's happening?

-[GNW]- Artois
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Locked BF Vietnam Server

Hi there,

The basics of how I run the games server network is that the people who help me out by doing the server admin (which is quite a lot of work) can, on occasion, use the servers for clan games and the like. If it was only locked for an hour or whatever then thats what I expect. Longer than that are it is a problem I will need to look into.