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Jedi Knight 2


Jedi Knight 2

weve got Adsl 500 and get pretty good downloads. we share the internet between 3 of us on a router. At the moment i got 30kb down and 10kb up on the speedtest, which is probably ok taking into account what my flatm8s may be doing.

The problem i have is that my current game ping in jedi knight on gamespy is 400-600 with a message that keeps saying connection interruption.

I also tried pinging some ip address that were listed in another post and my pings came back at 500ms about. I also tried pinging some websites with the result still around 500ms.

Any ideas how to improve this? as you can imagine playing games is impossible.


RE: Jedi Knight 2

Sounds like your connecting to a really slow server... even when I was on 56k dial up I was getting a ping of 250-300, now with ADSL 500 I get pings of 40-100.

For a better test, make sure you are connecting to a UK server and that your flat mates are not downloadin any thing...