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Internet gaming-Help me please


Internet gaming-Help me please

Hi guys, can someone out there please help. I have just got plusnet ADSL, and have been a fan of all the Medal of Honour games, completed them all so am looking forward to the online challenge.

Can someone give me the idiots guide on how to set up/join a Lan and internet game. I tried without success and the notes on the plusnet site give reference to a port no. which I dont even get asked for. Sorry if your all rollinjg your eyes but I cant seem to get it started.

Thanks all.


Moderators note (John) Changed your title to be more meaningful. Just help me gives no one a clue what you want help with.

Internet gaming-Help me please

lo,first of have you downloaded the patch for mohaa? im on the wrong pc here to give you a link but it is in the EA program list from wont be able to play it online without it as it contains fixes for the multiplayer will also need to disable or configure your firewall to allow connections to be made,though most firewalls should ask you before allowing the game to boot up as to wether to allow connection.only other thing that you will have to do other than install the patch is set your connection type in the multiplayer launch screen,this determines how much info the game server can send to your pc without creating to much shouldnt need to worry about opening ports as the game will do it by default for www games,lan set up requires another pc connected to yours by wifi or cable connection,i cant help you much with that atm(my moh disc shattered in my cd rom drive 2 days ago)but will try and set one up at home to see whats me if your having any probs.

Internet gaming-Help me please

Thank you very much fella I shall give it a try, if I have no joy I may bug you again.

Cheers, Steve
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Internet gaming-Help me please

Once you've got the latest patch, you'll need to find games.

Best to avoid the in-game server list and download All Seeing Eye from here which is also better than Gamespy. This will pick up MOHAA as an installed game and when you run it, you will be able to see a list of servers to join.