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Wonder if someone could advise me on whether I should have interleaving turned off or not.

During the day my line syncs at around 4.6Mbps and at night (10pm till early hours) drops to 4.2 ish. Not a problem.

My Local SNR doesn't fluxuate much from 12-14 and as such wonder if with interleaving off I wouldnt have any problems with line speed.

I ask because I would love to see my old pings of 20 or so in the UK where as at the moment I'm seeing 40+.

Hope you can help!!


If you are having sync rates that high you should be fine with turning your interleaving off.

You should see better pings but may also see a small drop in your maximum speed, if it causes you any problems it can always be re-applied to bring back the reliability and top speed of the connection based on the line stats.

It may take some time though as he interleaving removal will take 24 - 48 hours then the delta reports will need to update. This works the same in reverse also but if thats fine then give it a shot!