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Homerlovesbeer plz read.


Homerlovesbeer plz read.


We are looking for new host servers for our clan as our lease with jolt expires soon.
I know this is not a service you provide, however I notice that your MOHAA servers are virtually empty .

I am proposing that in return for hosting us we will help run and monitor the server. We are strickly anti-cheat (pandora) and try to be as nice as possible. This has made us very popular and have one of the busiest servers in mohaa.

We are very active in the mohaa UK community and are breaking through in the international scene.

Do you think this is possible? Would you need to speak to a director?

All we require is a 20 player (more would be nice) realisim server.

Plz Contact to discuss.

I look forward to your responce.


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RE: Homerlovesbeer plz read.

Hi there,

Drop me an e-mail about this to and I'll get in touch with Homer and see how we want to procede with this. Would be nice to see the servers a bit fuller Smiley


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RE: Homerlovesbeer plz read.

Ta m8, reply in the post.