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Hidden & Dangerous 2 game server


Hidden & Dangerous 2 game server

I am trying to host a Hidden & Dangerous 2 game server on my PC using my ADSL connection. :?

I am running XP Home 5.1 SP1, ZoneAlarm Pro 4.5.538.001, Pest Patrol, McAfee 4.5.1 SP1. Smiley

I can play H&D2 no problem. I connect to other servers. Cheesy

Other players can see my server in the H&S2 server list but they can not connect to it. I have opened the recommend ports and I even turned my firewall and Pest Patrol off at one stage but the players still can not connect. :x

Does PlusNet allow to host games or not :?:

Any suggestions :?:
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Hidden & Dangerous 2 game server

Hi there,

We have no problems with you hosting your own servers so I would expect this to be a configuration issue. Other than making sure you have forwarded the ports correctly (TCP / UDP / Both) I am afraid I can't help (I don't own the game so can't even test it myself).

I would try without zonealarm (just for a bit anyway for testing) as this can sometimes be a bit over-zealous.


Hidden & Dangerous 2 game server

Thanks. I have tried it with all things except my anti-virus software stopped. Still it won't work.

There are really very few settings in Hidden and Dangerous it's self relating to the connection / ports / security. :roll:

Other people who host the game most claim that it was very easy and straightforward to set up. :?