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Helping all isp's into the 21st centuary (game wise)


Helping all isp's into the 21st centuary (game wise)

(except jolt) every isp has the same games +net is no exception. every isp will tell you that they support gamers, what a porkie that is. if every isp supported gamers why have i just ordered a euro server for hosting a 24/7 teamspeak channel @ 24$ a month, because no uk host could be found. if all isp's support gamers, why then can we not hire game servers off plusnet. at least jolt tries. nbk servers (part of claranet) hires out servers for exactly the games i can play here and every other isp. i asked them to rent me a teamspeak server. alas they dont do it unless you order a dedicated game server, ok i say i will have black hawk down server. sorry that needs windows and a bhd disk in and a graphics card, so NO go. If all isp's supported gamers i could put any game on there servers for a fair price, then jolt and nbk would have compitition, then isp,s could say they supported the moral of this story is +net and other isp's can do much better. lets face it the computer is only good for games Cheesy , ripping music/films Tongue and adult stuff :shock: .
(not that i do any of that Cry bar gaming)

ps i am not picking out +net here for criticism i posted here because i can. alas my other isp has nowt like this Sad i also appriciate the peeps who look after the LINUX servers) thou i have never played on any isp's games servers.


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Helping all isp's into the 21st centuary (game wise)

Not sure what the prices are.

Helping all isp's into the 21st centuary (game wise)

There are very few ISPs that listen to there customers, and install game servers based on that demand.

Most, if at all, install servers based on the popularity on the internet (Cgames is a very good site to know how popular a game is), or by hireing there game servers from third parties.

It has been said in the past why windows based servers will not be used at +Net. Due to the simple fact they are unstable.

What is worse than having no game server? One that is unbarable to play on.

Linux servers are cheap, stable and when a game needs restarting, you don't need to restart the system.

Games servers are a fulltime job. You may think it is easy to keep a server online, but you possibly only deal with 1 possibly 2 servers. For an ISP, you are responsible for the hardware, bandwidth monitoring and system maintainance and multiple servers.

Beyond that, +Net are primaraly an ISP, and as such, admins are not just responsible for monitoring and maintaining the games server. They have other jobs within the system.

I too think it would be great to offer more servers. But they would need to be economical to run, and an experiance that is barable.

This is soemthing that dedicated games hosters like jolt, fight for on a daily basis.

Just ask them what it involves to be a games provider liek that.
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Helping all isp's into the 21st centuary (game wise)

Hi there,

I'vr just got to say that philip is right about this. The games network at PlusNet is only 10 servers (and one of them does not run any games) and all of it is maintained and run by myself and Mike Grice (who you will also see posting in the forums).

We run the service as a bonus to customers rather than as a dedicated service because I know, from personal experience, that running a few public games servers (which require the least effort) is a long way from running lots of privately purchased servers where the work is increased by the fact that you to deal with the billing and monitoring of all of the customers.

This would definately require extra staff and I have raised the idea to management in the past and it is turned down because it does not fall inside of our business model as an ISP. Games companies can specialise and therefore will always offer a better service ... would you buy Barrysworld ADSL over ours?

The point about windows servers is for a number of reasons. The main one in my mind is reliability. At one point we were running a C&C Renegade server on Windows and I spent so much time messing around trying to get it stable that I eventually gave up and turned it into the current MOH server.

The other is from a maintenance point of view because linux is so much nicer to work with once its set up and everything can be done via SSH rather than VNC (trust me). This obviously affects us rather than the customers but if I had any more work to do I'd get swamped.

I do always try to provide severs that are wanted by the customers, most recently the ET server which is full almost every night at the moment and if there is something specific then ask but the furthest that we can go towards providing servers is if someone wants to admin one of the servers then they get a little more out of it such as the ability to password protect them for matches (This is currently done with the MOH, CS & TFC servers).

Hope that makes sense :?

Helping all isp's into the 21st centuary (game wise)

i am at a loss here. are you saying that jolt losses money on there windows servers, they have 3 setup for the public on novaworld. which i think they class as advertising, it has worked because more and more clans are getting there servers from them. for £135 to £195 they will put any game you want on them. claranet even has there own game server rental offshoot. we all know what one isp dose all the others follow in the end. so what i am saying is get in quick, do some costing, and i will be your first customer.

Helping all isp's into the 21st centuary (game wise)

A +net bf1942 server would be good.... :/