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Halo 2 problem


Halo 2 problem


I have a problem connecting to one particular friends game online. For example, when we try to play Halo 2 together, we are unable to join each others games. If however somebody else creates the game, we are both able to join in :? This has only been happening for the last week, and previously we've played online together for the last year without a problem.

Both myself and my friend connect via ICS, and we've tried resetting both of our ICS connections to see if that would do the job, but no luck. My friend uses BT, and I of course use PlusNet.

I have logged this with xbox live support, and the guy I spoke to there was implying the problem was with something at PlusNet' end.

Anybody able to shed any light on this ? or having a similar problem ?

Happy to supply more information if required..... Smiley


Halo 2 problem

I have heard aboutt this problem with routers but not ics.