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Half Life 2 Problems


Half Life 2 Problems

i have installed half life 2 but when i come to open it. noting happens. i have got well more than the min Requirments. and have registered but still no help.

can anyone help?

thank you

Half Life 2 Problems

Did you manage to do the ful installation? You must be on the internet to do it... its a very complex game i think!!! Youve got to register with Steam a username and password while installing. he installation alone last night took 30minutes.. and my PC isnt too old either!!!

I know hubby went to pay it this morning.. it was too late by the time we'd installed it last night... and it came up with the main screen.... but if you clicked the bit where it said "play half life 2" nothing happened. He had to open upone of the other menus below. not sure which one it was now. then it said "play games" then he selected it from the ittle side menu. it loaded up but took about 10 mins to load!!!!

All that said. the graphics were excellent and im sure it will be a fab game to play Smiley
I wish you luck with it!
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Half Life 2 Problems

As lisa has stated the first time it plays it updates the game as well, also if you installed CS:Source with it that is also updated.

Also by registering do you mean you entered the CD key in the option during the installation or when it first checked online? If you didn't have a connection when first running the game it won't start until you do.

So first time you run it check if its updating the games you installed by right clicking on the Steam Icon in your sys tray[next to the clock] and choose the option Monitor, that lists what it is updating at that time. So you will have to wait until it's finished before the game starts.

As a rough guide I installed mine yesterday and it took about 30 mins to get all updates for HL2 and CS:Source from the fresh install.
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