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Get your own games chat site free and get paid playing!

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Registered: 10-10-2007

Get your own games chat site free and get paid playing!

guys someone passed this on to me on a games forum so spreading the love it starts in 5 weeks but you can get in free now! Tou get your own free gaming site and can earn loads even before the launch looks great! once you sign up all is there to be seen for free you cant go wrong! we all love games and chat!

ITS IN ITS BETA STAGES BUT GET IN WHILE YOU CAN SIGN UP FOR FREE AND SEE how good this going to be ! get your own game site and get ready! And sign up your friends and people around you grow it ..this is already allover YouTube and eBay board the BIG money train for free while you can!

1. Social networking
2. Casual skill games or family entertainment or recreational games.
3. A very powerful pay plan
4. Friend possible Bonus ( you could earn a possible 200 dollars just by telling a friend !
5. Online messenger that works across yahoo msn aol google and the same time challenge players!
* Building a social networking community - just like "you tube", "my space" and instant messengers online personal battles,chat rooms with over 30 new state of the art games
* Members of the community being able to socially interact
* Having fun and be entertained on the casual games platform that has been bolted on to the social networking site.
* People being able to generate a monthly income from the massive growth in both social networking and online casual games.

You can play for free and develop your skills in a particular game that you like and when you are a master at it you can then challenge people and win cash prizes

woo hooo check it out :lol: