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Gaming issues after tweak


Gaming issues after tweak

Sorry for cross posting the forums, but I not aware, which one this should be in.

After being highly affected in the past 2 months with this irritating DSL issue, which it turns out afterall to be Plus.Net related. I am pleased to have a connection that is stable and pretty fast. This however, is before any tweak.

What I found particualy odd, was the fact, I could use online games without a single issue, even during the height of the connectivity issues. Thus, I was being provided with a service less than a modem, but allmost perfect gaming.

Then I applied the MTU tweak. This resulted is speeds so perfect, I allmost beleived I could have been on a service level agreement.

However, this brought issues into my gaming environment.

Before the tweak, and with crappy downloads and genral surfing, I was achiveing fast gaming, with stutters in the range of 1 in 15 seconds, which is near perfect. After applying the tweak, it was allmost non-stop stuttering. Every refresh would be followed by a stutter.

It's no fun when you see an enemy to find 2 seconds latter, the stutter has caused him to go to the other side fo the map.

What is funny, both my own, and other users ping times have not changed. Though server list refresh times, and game stutter is increased.

Removing the MTU tweak cures my gaming issues, though decreases the surfing experience, though not as bad as before, it's still not officialy broadband (under 300 Kbit's is not boradband).

I hear that changing the RWIN can help after tweaking the MTU, though you have to be carful with the setting, as it can effect games. I have made a change to the RWIN, which increased the gaming ability, but this has only decreased the time between refreshes, thsu they oponent is only half way accross the map (still no fun).

I am running XP, and have the MTU at 1458. Can any1 sugest a RWIN setting?

In my experiment, I used the DSLreports guide to RWIN, to calculate the RWIN using "(CONNECTION_BIT_SPEED * AVERAGE_SERVER_PING_TIME) / 8 = RWIN"
Thus, I got "(512000 * .130) \ 8 = 8320"

It would be patheric to change it each time. I am thinking of trying a fue different ping times tonight, including .1, .11, .115, .12, .125. Though I don't expect anything fantastic.

Can any1 sugest why this is happening, and how to cure it.
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RE: Gaming issues after tweak

My current settings are: -

MTU - 1458
RWIN -12762

I am having no problems with these at the moment.

I do get a different performance depending on who I'm trying to connect to. The best I can get is from the UK2 or Jolt servers.