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Gaming Server

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Registered: 06-08-2007

Gaming Server

Dear Force9

I’m writing because I was wondering if you were able to put a game server up for the game called Unreal reason why I am asking is because most of the servers for unreal now are USA servers & everyone in Europe gets high pings their & we could do with a Europe server for having clan matches & standard fighting. The server don’t have to be big maybe 8 players that’s all if it is possible I have all of the software like hackbuster3 which stops people changing settings on the server & anti aimbot software & also have Uteamfix which makes the scoreboard & game play like UT & UT 2003. If you are able to help please email me at Thanks


RE: Gaming Server

Hi there,

I am one of the admins here at Force9 and at this time we are not able to expand the games server selection to cover new games. Apolgies that we cannot help further.


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