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Games Servers went offline

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Games Servers went offline

Wolfstuff maintain a few of plusnet's games servers and last night they all went offline for a while. along with the website and Teamspeak server

ok , we managed to restart the website and the games server but we cannot restart the TS server as we have no permissions to the TS server.

also the link to maps repository is down .. the games servers are directly linked to these files, therefore the games servers do not function correctly without this link.

since lastnights interruption I have a ping of 130-190 on the same games servers that I have been previously pinging at 21 .

sort it out please.
Plusnet Staff
Plusnet Staff
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Games Servers went offline

I raised a problem on this internally to be fixed, the TS server should be back up already.
Is now bringing the correct page up?
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 Chris Parr
 Plusnet Staff