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GameSpy DDOS


GameSpy DDOS

I can't remember where, or when I read it, but it seems that the GameSpy protocol, that is licenced and placed in games, is flawed.

What I couldn't clear up, is which half is at issue.

The server is sent manuipultaed UDP packets, that causes the server to lose information including info about the clients and so on. Quite how it perform it's DDOS attacks I aint sure.

But does this cause the client to then DDOS, or is it the server, or even both?

The main reason I ask.

I currently have 2 gaming system hooked up, and I play 2 games at the same time (2 people, I didn't sprout 2 extra arms).

While both system where playing MOH:AA today (different servers), I had a rether odd and anoying issue.

The second machine, started hogging bandwidth like crazy, and my PING times shot through the roof.

Even worse, after the game was shutdown, the traffic continued. I simply shutdown the system for safety.

I have now removed that machine off the network, and scanned it till I am blue, and nothing is reported back as a virus, so I am sure that isn't a issue.

I am also 2 weeks away from re-structuring my network, so that all traffic flow through my linux machine (soon to be firewall). As I am on a switched network, I can't do any TCP dumps, and find out who is hogging what.

Can any1 give me, or point me to more ifnormation on this new DDOS issue.