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GTR2 defined game?

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Registered: 25-06-2007

GTR2 defined game?

Is there any chance of getting GTR2 added to the list of defined games so that I can join in my online league races? I know its only been out for around 8 months so is a bit new.

I've got a ticket raised (21160440 ) but all CS say is that it might happen.Sometime.Maybe.

I've just returned from my mates place round the corner,same exchange but AOL.The speed that the log in server came up,with a full list of games and players was less than two seconds.On here I am lucky if it gets a full list of just the servers in two minutes.This is obviously the prioritising of packets as my packet loss has now dropped to almost zero on most traces (and l8nc)

I am unable to join a game today and I'm getting well and truly cheesed off.Can anyone give even a vague date as to when this might be attended to,or shall I just migrate to AOL so I can get a game? (this is looking much more likely as of a few minutes ago)

Please,please,please,pretty please.