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Free-Online Games Server Relaunch


Free-Online Games Server Relaunch

If you are a Free-Online customer and a gamer then you have probably noticed
that the dedicated games servers that we run are seldom used or out of
date. This has, in the past, been due to the huge advances we have been
making as a company - the release of Self Install ADSL, improvements to
the portal and the services that we run as well as a whole host of behind
the scenes improvements - all designed to improve your experience as a
Free-Online customer. This has meant that gaming has generally been on the
back burner in terms of improvements and upgrades.

But this is all about to change!

Three of us at Free-Online - Mike Grice, Josh Berry and Rob Kelly - have
decided that the gaming service that we provide can be world class, all
it needs is commitment. As such we have taken on the project of
improving the games network, and making it what it should be.

We all work in the Customer Support Centre and you may know us from
these forums, the newsgroups or from Contact Us and support calls.
Because of our background in a support role we are all committed to
making the customers experience of being a Free-Online customer as positive
as is humanly possible. We are also all avid online gamers (not all
good, but avid).

We believe that this commitment, combined with our rapidly growing base
of ADSL customers and the improvements that we are making to our online
experience, will make a winning combination.

We have already begun to take the first steps towards the improvements,
by upgrading all the Counter-Strike and Team Fortress servers to version
1.4 over the weekend.

Over the next few weeks we will be auditing and improving all the
existing games servers and we will also be looking for input from you -
because you are the only people who can tell us what we should be doing
to make the service as popular as it can be.

We will be running polls here and in the newsgroups to find out what
games you want. This will probably work on a majority rules basis, so if
you really want something all you have to do is get all your gamer
friends to give us feedback and there is a chance it will happen!

Any changes, improvements and other related issues will be posted here
so if you want to keep up to date just check here regularly. We will
also be monitoring the games forums and newsgroups so if you have any
questions, problems or suggestions then just ask and we will do our best
to help you.

Further details of the games service can be found in the Technical
Support pages or you can visit for
information such as who is online and stats on the games.

Watch this space...


Mike, Josh & Rob
Free-Online Customer Support