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Forum Information and List of Game Servers


Forum Information and List of Game Servers

Hi There,

Welcome to the Games forum.

Gaming is something which is dear to many of our hearts. Here you can discuss all aspects of online (and offline if you want) gaming. Feel free to swap cheats, tips, screenshots – Whatever… The support team (many of who you will see in these boards) also run and maintain the Free-Online games platform, as well as playing on many external servers where time in our busy schedule allows! If you have any questions please do ask – It might take slightly longer to get a reply, but we will get back to you as soon as we can.

As members of the community, you are welcome to make any suggestions about how you would like this forum and the games network to develop in the future. The board administrators will be happy to make changes to the forums to help everyone here gain maximum benefit from the other users in our community and any suggestions about new games will be considered.

Free-Online Games Server list

This is a list of the game servers currently available on the PlusNet network-

[list=1]Medal of Honour: Free For All -
Stalingrad Only : 16 Player : running DMW Anti-Cheat
Medal of Honour: Objective Based -
Standard Mapcycle : 28 Player : Running CKR Realism Mod

Call of Duty: Free For All -
Standard Mapcycle : 28 Player : Running Punkbuster
Call of Duty: Search and Destroy -
Standard Mapcycle : 28 Player : Running Punkbuster

Battlefield 1942 -
Mixed 1942 / Desert Combat Mapcyle : 40 Player : Running Punkbuster
Battlefield Vietnam -
Standard Mapcycle : 40 Player : Running Punkbuster

Unreal Tournament 2004: Last Man Standing -
12 Player : 7 Lives : Map Vote : Running Anti-TCC Lite
Unreal Tournament 2004: Last Man Standing -
12 Player : 7 Lives : Map Vote : Running Anti-TCC Lite

Castle Wolfenstein Enemy Territory: Campaign -
Standard Mapcycle : 20 Player : Running Punkbuster
Castle Wolfenstein Enemy Territory: ETPro -
7 Map Campaign Cycle : 18 Player : Running Punkbuster and ETPro mod

Quake III Arena -
OSP : Gametype voting enabled : Running Punkbuster

Counterstrike #1 -
Version 1.5 : 20 Player : Running Punkbuster
Counterstrike #2 -
Version 1.6 (Steam) : 20 Player : Running Punkbuster

Some of our games servers run statistics. You can view the stats by following the links below. Please note that the Call of Duty and Medal of Honour statistics are updated daily at 7am:
[list=1]Medal of Honour: Allied Assault -

Call of Duty -[/listShocked]Medal of Honour - Due to the number of people cheating on the server we have had to implement anticheat protection. We are using DMW Anti-Cheat, which requires that a client be installed on your machine. The client can be downloaded, along with instructions for use, from

Unreal Tournament 2004 - Because of a bug on the master server the Last Man Standing server does not show up in the games server browser. To play this from within the game, press the @ key [this will bring up the console] and type open .

Castle Wolfenstein Enemy Territory is a free first person shooter so if you have just got broadband and don't know where to start then this is the ideal choice!. The game, along with the necessary updates, can be download from our file repository (details below).

Game Files Download Centre - We have also got a download repository for game patches and files so that you can download them at full speed off our servers, rather than messing around on a slow mirror on the west coast of the US, when you need to patch your games. The files can be downloaded from and suggestions for additions are welcome for new additions - just ask in this forum Cheesy

Please note that these files are only accessible when connected through PlusNet. Please do not link directly to them or we will have to remove the ability to download them directly.

As always, please ensure you stick to the Forum Guidelines when posting here. The group will be monitored as and when required by FreeOnline staff and our team of Moderators.

With Regards,

The FreeOnline Support Team